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    29 Aug 2014 


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    17 Aug 2013 

    My Korean Drama Experience part 1

    well....its been a great journey so far.the first time came across anything korean was last year when watched my first korean movie 'seducing mr perfect' which enjoyed immensely but that didnt incite my korean insanity and didn't take much cognisance to korean movies until about 2 months ago when I came across BOYS OVER FLOWERS and that totally trigered my korean drama addiction (lest I forget to mention I'm african) I fell in love with korean dramas immediately. I fell in love with kim hyun joong at first (I still love him though) before LEE MIN HO took over my entire heart.my 1st thought when I saw BOF was OMG!!! Where have you been all my life.I loved the geum jan di and gu jun pyo character a lot and found yoon ji hoo a bit strange but endearing and kim bum is just an adorable yummy cutie and song woo bin was awesome tOo.when I watched it the first time I didn't notice much flaws cos I was lost in the drama until I watched it again subsequent times and noticed it had lotsa flaws though I still loved it for its flaws.another thing that struck me was how the boys looked in the drama,they were quite skinny and had high fashion sense,like they were quite dressed up a lot and when I tried describing them the word 'PRETTY' kept leaping into my brain(by then I didn't yet know that koreans guys were often described as been pretty) and I didn't want to agree with my brain cos guys on my side of the globe are never described as been pretty,though used to pretty korean guys now'LOL!!,and they struck me as a bit feminine but let it go anyways and then after BOF watched personal taste(at this stage i was still strictly LMH based) which also enjoyed(I particularly found park gae In sshi's annoying pesty attitude really interesting) and also loved LMH's character(well the truth is i love anything that has lee min ho in it) and then I went on to watch playful kiss which I didn't really enjoy cos I found the baek seung jo character a bit stiff(I still totally love kim hyun joong tho) and the oh ha ni chick just kept on annoying me but I still managed to watch it to the end after which I watched City hunter which I absolutely enormously enjoyed,I loved lee yoon sung sshi and kim Na na(I find park min young adorable and she has nice acting skills and 'park min young is my twitter name atm,LOL, I love her that much) I loved the fighting scenes and lee yoon sung sshi's had the sexiest Pajama bottoms ever(the black and white patterned one) and I liked when he simply wore shirt and trousers(tucked in ofc) alone it made him look lean and fit and also liked lee jin pyo(the man is evil teddy bear adorable) the songs were pretty good too(lest I forget to mention have few korean songs on my playlist now which people around me think is absolutely weird) then moving on to one of my bestest korean dramas s far *drumroll* COFFEE PRINCE..... I absolutely love that drama,beyond average acting skills all aound,I thought Yoon Eun Hye was spectacular as a boy she almost convinced me she was a boy,and Gong yoo!!!!!!OMG!!absolutely gorgeous,I mean I was like finally a manly man actor(not that I. Don't love the skinny ones) he was quite built and loved his style which was quite different from the other leading guys I'd seen earlier) jin ha rim slowly grew on me and min yeop(RIP,I was so sad when I read he was dead)was adorable as well.the drama was well delivered and I  immensely enjoyed it,I liked her transformation at the end,it wasn't over the top it was perfect because she didnt change much both in  attitude and appearance wise we could see the old Go eun chan was still there unlike in most korean dramas where there is always the big change after the time skip.the drama was well delivered and was well received by me.lovely lovely drama
             To be continued............
                        i hope y'all enjoyed the part 1,I hope you like the part two when write it
               I absolutely love DRAMABEANS &GiRLFRIDAY(just putting out there)
    One more thing:I love LEE MIN HO

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    23 May 2013 

    Sad Sad World

    sometimes i just wonder what this world is becoming,where you have homosexuality as the next big thing(no offense to gay guys,i dont hate you,you can be whatever you like) uou have people selling their souls and bodies and morals for money,fame and wealth. where you have one of the most corrupt nations praticing satanism, monarch control making people their puppets and pushing their sinister propaganda and new world order down the throat of their unsuspecting citizens. moving towards a martial state gradually and indoctrinating little kids through video games and tv shows. where you have grown up old men molesting little innocent kids.i just wonder why people are evil and twisted
    where girls dont have respect for their own bodies and behave like skanky hoes revealing all parts of their bodies like its normal
    we have terrorism as the order of the day where a fellow human would just wake up one day and decide to kill innocent people.
    why why 
    you have the government monitoring everyone using cameras and social networks and gradually stripping its citizens of their rights
    you have schools teaching the wrong history
    people suffering from cancer and all sorts of diseases which are mostly man made in hidden laboratories and infusion of fluoride in foods and water.
    its just sad
    i wake up every morning wishing that the world would just end already
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    04 Jan 2013 


    rape is something that is becoming increasingly dominant in our society today something so dehumanizing extremely traumatic is happening in our society on a regular basis.
    this is so sad.i cant imagine the amount of trauma the person would go through for the rest of their life.the gang rape in delhi really made me sad,its kinda good the girl passed away silently in her sleep because the trauma,public attention and noise might have made her sucidal.i know it would make me sucidal.in my opinion i think this rapists are not well punished imo robot rapists should be made specially for these rapists.then as their punishment they should be raped by this robots continuosly to the point of death but they shouldnt be allowed to die so that they can know the trauma they are inflicting on these poor innocent individuals and then their penises should be chopped off and diced into tiny cubed pieces and then fried/grilled and then fed to them,all of it and then they should be released.now tell me how that person would ever think of raping someone else again.call me a feminist or anything but this monsters dont deserve to live
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    07 Dec 2012 

    Quote Of the Day

    If u're nervous about the future then you have big dreams u wish to fulfil but if u're relaxed abt the future then you av no future ambition"

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